bridgit-1Hello my name is Bridgit and welcome to YOUNG DRIVER SERVICES this is a sister site to Female Driving Instructors and has been set up to offer a range of valuable services and products for Young Drivers which will help you drive safely and save you money.

As an experienced driving instructor I have seen a number of issues which concern Young Drivers:

When you are learning to drive

  • Insurance is expensive
  • It’s difficult to get someone to let you use their car
  • Mum and Dad don’t want you to damage their car and lose their no claims bonus.
  • You might affect someone else’s no claims discount if something went wrong.

And when you’ve passed your test.

Car plus insurance is expensive -  so you feel frustration because you don’t yet have the experience – but how can you get experience when insurance is prohibitive!
You want to get a car that is safe but if it’s a new car the insurance will be far too expensive.
Scary because now you have to drive on your own! Don’t worry, it gets better with time and your learning starts now.

By far, the biggest issue is insurance, so we are going to start there, and add more services as they become available. And of course it’s very important that you have good insurance for your car as it is a legal requirement. If you have no insurance you risk your car being seized and crushed by the police.

So we have collected some services together to help you get started safely and at a reduced cost.